Fast Print Labels

Fast print offer a variety of bespoke printing services – the first thing that attracted me to those services was their very user-friendly website and the fact that I could get an instant quote without having to contact the company. Obtaining quotes I find nauseating and very time consuming!

When I originally designed my product labels, I didn’t realise how few companies offer one of the specific print processes that I required (I probably should have done my research before designing labels!) In fact I only found this company and 2 others that offer white ink print on clear labels where I could get an instant quote.

They offer many variations, you can choose clear, matt or gloss labels, any shape, any size, any quantity with a choice of materials and finishes – you can even choose whether labels are supplied on rolls, sheets or individually cut.

I ordered printed white ink on clear labels for my coloured jars, coloured ink on clear labels for my lids and coloured ink on matt labels for my clear glass jars – so quite a variety of processes (trust me to make things complicated!) To make it even more complicated, many of my designs were in several colours too. But this was not a problem at all, in fact Fast Print offer a Multi-Design option, where you can split your order into multiple designs – believe me, this can cost a fortune where most companies have minimum orders for every individual design. Plus it meant I could try and test Fast Print’s services without spending a fortune.

I submitted my order, emailed my pdfs and received an emailed print proof the following morning. Once this was signed off it only took a few days before i received my order.

Fast Print delivered everything just spot on! Every thing was well packaged. Print material and finish was good quality, and text was sharp and clear to read even though some of the text on the ingredient lists are in a very small font size in a light font weight.

What can I say, I am super impressed with the quality and service of Fast Print, they now have a new customer (that’s me!) and I would recommend taking a look at their website or contacting them if you have any print requirements.