10 Ways To Treat Eczema Naturally

10 Ways To Treat Eczema Naturally The exact cause of eczema is unknown. Researchers suspect it is related to an overactive response from the immune system, caused by irritants. Doctors often prescribe topical steroids to treat eczema, however long term use can carry some nasty side effects. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you […]

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10 Ways To Treat Eczema Naturally

The exact cause of eczema is unknown. Researchers suspect it is related to an overactive response from the immune system, caused by irritants. Doctors often prescribe topical steroids to treat eczema, however long term use can carry some nasty side effects. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can treat eczema naturally. By the way, the picture at the top of this post is my son, who suffered with severe eczema as a baby (you can read the rest of my story here). I personally have put together this guide which will list the 10 best ways to treat eczema naturally.



1 — Make changes to your diet





Treat Eczema Naturally - Healthy Diet

 Many people with eczema have food sensitivities or allergies that worsen their condition. The most common food allergies associated with eczema include dairy, gluten, soy products, eggs, nuts, and fish.

An Elimination Diet can identify the foods that worsen your eczema symptoms. This diet gradually removes potential triggers to find the foods that cause the condition to flare up.


Foods that are high in artificial ingredients, preservatives or sugar can also exacerbate eczema symptoms. This includes soft drinks, processed foods and fast food. Some foods are also high in histamine which can make also make eczema worse. Also avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Some eczema sufferers report that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains reduces their symptoms. It is important to eat fresh food and where possible choose organic options. Some research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids can also relieve eczema symptoms.

2 — Focus on healing your gut

Treat Eczema Naturally-2-Heal Gut

Scientists are beginning to understand the complex relationship between the bacteria in the gut and our health. There is evidence to suggest that over-use of antibiotics can damage the bacteria found in the gut and on the skin. This eventually worsens the symptoms of eczema.

Research published by The British Journal of Dermatology recently found that  Children are 40% more likely to develop eczema if they are given antibiotics during the first year of life.  One recent paper found that the health of a person’s gut bacteria may be related to the severity of their eczema symptoms. It also found that people could relieve eczema symptoms by promoting healthy bacteria in the gut through the use of probiotics.

You can treat eczema naturally by adding more good bacteria to your gut. Eat fermented foods like kombucha, keffir and saurkraut. Consuming gelatin, such as that found in bone broths, can also heal the gut which can heal eczema long term.

3 — Drink more water

Treat Eczema Naturally-3-Drink Water

Eczema causes a breakdown in the skin’s protective barrier. This results in a loss of moisture from the skin, causing the skin to become very dry and flaky. Drinking a lot of water will help you add more moisture to your skin and reduce the amount of dryness that you experience.

Your skin is your largest organ and plays an important role in the elimination of toxins. This  can worsen symptoms of eczema where there is a toxin build up. You  can support this elimination process using other pathways by supporting the liver and kidneys by drinking more water.

4 Wear non-irritating clothing

Treat Eczema Naturally-4-Clothing

Wear cotton and silk. Cotton is smooth and cool, as it allows the skin to breathe and prevents overheating. Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all the fabrics. It will absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe and naturally regulates temperature.

Always wash new clothes as some would have been finished with chemicals such as formaldehyde known as an irritant. Avoid synthetics as they stop the skin from breathing. Also avoid wool as it can irritate and itch.

Change your washing powder to non-biological powder. Biological powder has more chemicals than non bio. It also contains enzymes that break down stains. It is these chemicals and enzymes that are known to irritate the skin. At the end of your usual washing machine cycle do an extra rinse to wash off any leftover detergent residue.

5 — Minimise stress

Treat Eczema Naturally-5-Minimise Stress

High levels of stress can have a significant impact on your health. When the body is stressed it produces a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol destroys friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract and can alter how the immune system functions, which researchers believe leads to a flare up of eczema symptoms in some people.

Stress can also cause the adrenal glands to malfunction leading to aggravating eczema further. Treat eczema naturally by taking walks out in the fresh air, read a book, spend some time in the garden – do what ever helps to relieve your stress.




6 — Avoid eczema triggers

Treat Eczema Naturally-6-Avoid Allergens

There are many type of irritants that can worsen eczema symptoms, including:

  • Common allergens including pet dander, dust, and pollen
    Himalayan salt lamps are said to cleanse and purifying the air by attracting particles. Look for hoovers with a HEPA filter for removing most of the common household particles from the air.


  • Perfumes containing certain chemicals
    Perfumes can irritate the skin. Breathing in some of the chemicals can be hazardous to the body and contribute to the build up of toxins so avoid these. Replace them with natural perfumes.


  • Products containing parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate
    Parabens are used to give products a longer shelf life and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is purely for cosmetic reasons to make a product have more foam (that doesn’t mean it cleans better though). These chemicals are toxic to the body and should be avoided. Replace with natural cleansing products and mild natural soap.
Treat Eczema Naturally-6a-Avoid Allergens
  • Household cleaners, washing powders & detergents
    Try and replace these with more natural alternatives and use non-biological washing powder.

  • Certain metals like nickel
    Avoid or moderate high nickel foods such as nuts, chocolate and canned foods. Run tap water for a few seconds before washing, drinking, or cooking to flush out nickel that may have leached from pipes or fixtures and avoid stainless steel utensils when cooking acidic foods.

  • Cigarette smoke
    Cigarette smoke generates 7,000 chemicals when burned, many of which are carcinogenic and poisonous. These toxic chemicals inhaled during active or passive smoking are enough to make eczema symptoms worse.


7 — Take baths to rejuvenate your skin

Treat Eczema Naturally-7-Dead Sea Salt Baths

In general, limiting the number of baths that you take will reduce eczema symptoms, because excessive bathing can strip away moisture and oils from the skin. However, you can use medicinal baths to improve your condition. Here are the most effective ways to bathe.

  • Dead Sea salt or Epsom salt baths
    Researchers have discovered that Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt have a high mineral content. Baths with these salts can help to eliminate toxins, regenerate new cells and increase circulation to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms of eczema. One paper found that the magnesium content in a Dead Sea solution improved skin barrier function and skin hydration. Follow a bath with a good natural mosturiser.

  • Oat baths
    Oat baths can reduce the itchiness and dryness caused by eczema. Simply put some oats in a sock and hold the sock over the tap so the water can pour through the oats, this softens the water, especially important in hard water areas.

  • Essential oil baths
    Add a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential oil mixed with a carrier oil into your bath. This will add some calming and relaxing therapeutic benefits. As you move around in the bath the oil will also coat the skin locking in much needed moisture.

8 — Moisturise with natural products

Treat Eczema Naturally-8-Natural Moisturisers

Using a high quality moisturiser is crucial to treat eczema naturally. Eczema-prone skin produces less oil than healthy skin, compromising the natural protective barrier, resulting in a loss of moisture.  A good moisturiser will help your skin retain moisture — preventing drying and flaking.

The best products for moisturising eczema-affected skin will use natural ingredients including plant extracts, essential oils, herbs and plant oils. Calendula (marigold) is particularly effective, it is a  proven anti-inflammatory that can increase collagen and elastin levels in the skin and reduce itchiness. Beeswax also is very effective, it can help heal the skin’s natural protective barrier, it locks in moisture and nutrients whilst keeping irritants out.

9 — Wet wrap therapy

Treat Eczema Naturally-9-Wet Wraps

Wet wrap therapy involves placing fabric wraps soaked in water on locations where your eczema has flared up. Wet wraps are very soothing and help the skin rehydrate. It is best to use wet wraps after you have bathed and moisturised. You can also add plant extracts to wraps adding extra therapeutic benefits.

10 – Colloidal silver

Treat Eczema Naturally-10-Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver micro particles in pure water. Silver kills single cell microorganisms like bacteria and yeasts, but is harmless to multi-celled organisms  like skin! Colloidal silver has been used throughout history as a natural antibiotic. You can still find colloidal silver in plasters in burns units as it is a natural skin healer. It treats skin infections which eczema can cause, speeding up the healing process and improving the condition of the skin. Simply put some colloidal silver in a spray bottle and spray affected areas a few times a day.

Using Shaloah Skincare products to treat Eczema naturally

Treat Eczema Naturally-11-Calendula Cream

Shaloah Skincare has developed a natural eczema cream containing a powerful blend of over 20 natural ingredients such as plant oils, extracts, butters, and essential oils. Its unique formula can soothe the symptoms of eczema and heal the cracked skin. It also works to prevent the dryness and itchiness commonly associated with eczema.

Some of the key active ingredients in this product include Calendula, Shea butter, Rosehip oil, Bees wax, Apricot kernel oil, Avocado oil, Borage oil, Chamomile and Lavender essential oils, Colloidal silver and Nettle plant extract. Using this cream twice daily is one of the most effective ways to treat eczema naturally.


Thanks for reading 10 Ways To Treat Eczema Naturally.

For more information on the best ways to treat eczema naturally, contact us today.

These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or are looking to modify your diet, consult your doctor.


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    Thank you so much for writing this post. I have relooked at how I manage my son’s eczema and after 3 days of using your products his skin is hugely inproved and his skin no longer looks angry. Thanks you!!! Sarah

    November 30, 2023

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