Rose & Frankincense Anti-Aging Moisturiser

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Defy your age naturally with this luxuriously silky moisturiser to regenerate, firm and nourish your skin.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Helianthus annuus (Organic sunflower) seed oil, Persea gratissima (Avocado) oil, Cocos nucifera (Organic coconut) oil, Leuconostoc/Radish root ferment filtrate, Cetearyl glucoside (from coconut), Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil, Glycerin (from vegetables), Cetearyl alcohol (from coconut), Oenothera biennis (Evening primrose) oil, Argania spinosa (Argan) nut oil, Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) fruit extract, Glyceryl stearate, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) oil, Sodium hyaluronate, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) oil, Rosa damascena (Rose) oil, Argentum metallicum (Silver) micro particles, *Citral, *Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Citronellol, *Farnesol, *Linalool.
* Natural constituents of essential oils

Directions: Apply a small amount of moisturiser to cleansed face and neck using fingertips.  As with any new skincare product, we recommend you do an overnight skin patch test prior to use.

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Argan oil, eczema 

Argan oil

The Argan Tree is native to one country: Morocco. As a rare and endangered plant it stands under protection, and its precious oil is now considered the rarest in the world. While Berbers once collected the kernels one by one, increased demand has prompted the Government to give support towards commercial production projects, which have significantly improved women’s lives through the establishment of local cooperatives.

The oil protects against UV damage and reduces the ageing process by restoring the skin’s natural barrier. A normal pH balance is maintained and collagen production encouraged, while gentle re-hydration ensures added softness and elasticity.

Contains Vitamin E, phenols, carotenes and squalene. Rich in fatty acids and nutrients.
Especially good for dry skin and eczema.

Apricot kernal oil, eczema 

Apricot kernal oil

This oil has often been used in Chinese medicine as treatment for inflammatory problems and skin disorders. It is mild and non-irritating. It penetrates the skin easily and reaches deep into the tissues where it nourishes and acts as moisture control and general harmoniser. This oil is good for all skin types. It soothes dry or itchy skin and also restores the balance of oily skin. As a carrier it blends well with any essential oils and is readily absorbed.

Vitamins A D and E are present, as well as an abundance of essential fatty acids.

Reduces fine lines and spots, blanches spots and levels lumps. (Not shown to be effective in cancer treatment.)

Suitable for application in psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis.

Natural skincare ingredient avocado oil 

Avocado oil

The avocado is a fruit, and the Aztecs called it ‘butter pear’. Its oils have always been known as an excellent carrier which provides high skin penetration as well as rapid absorption. Originally from South America, the avocado is now being cultivated in several different climate zones around the globe. While these days some oils may undergo the process of bleaching, the cold-pressed and unrefined traditional method seems to be the preferred way of bringing out the best in the avocado’s natural properties. The deep green colour also shows the presence of chlorophyll as an added health bonus. A basket of mono-unsaturated fats help healing and slow the ageing process.

Regenerates skin which is dehydrated and undernourished, and moisturises mature skin which has been exposed to sun or other damaging climate conditions which makes it particularly good for psoriasis and eczema.

Contains: Vitamins A E D B1 B2, Carotenoids (lutein), Lecithin, sterols, Amino acids and fatty acids, Potassium, which is sometimes called the ‘youth mineral’

Coconut oil, natural treatment 

Coconut oil

This oil was part of the Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system. Today, it is used world-wide and its healing properties in the area of skin care are well documented. The unusually high content of saturated fat (>80%) allows the oil to keep fresh for up to two years. As a strong moisturiser it can treat irritated or inflamed skin. As it is antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial it can promote wellbeing, delay the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenate sagging skin. Good for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

Rich in fatty acids, lauric acid, linoleic acid, acprylic and capric acid.

atopic dermatitis 

Evening primrose oil

Originally from Mexico this herb has spread across the Americas and can now be found in most temperate regions. The cold pressed oil and its pleasant fragrance have been valued as part of women’s health care for a long time, mostly as a relief for monthly tension, although some of the properties attributed to its use as healer of arthritis, eczema and cancer have remained unconfirmed.

The high content of fatty acid makes it an excellent skin agent as it hydrates, softens and soothes dry and irritated skin. Adding firmness and elasticity it can also prevent premature ageing. It is said to reduce dark circles under the eyes, and a youthful look may be achieved as it adds moisture to produce a strong and subtle complexion. Due to the fine texture it is mostly used with other carrier oils. Suitable for babies and young children.

Contains Vitamin E, Omega 6 – GLA, Fatty acids

Natural skincare ingredient frankincense oil 

Frankincense oil

The name means ‘pure incence’ and it is obtained as resin from the ‘boswellia sacra’ tree, which can thrive under the most arid conditions and even grow out of solid rock. The Latin name gives an indication that it was used as a sacred offering in various cultures neighbouring the Mediterranean, with trading dating back about 5000 years. Besides its use in worship it has long been known to act as a general tonic which soothes the whole body as well as the mind.

The oil is valued as a skin agent that can ease aches and pains. Arthritis is one condition which may benefit from treatment with the oil, and it has been found to suppress cancer cells. It is particularly good for depression. Being an astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory remedy, it stimulates new cell growth, improves dry, mature-looking skin and prevents wrinkles. It acts as general pick-me-up for the whole body.

Contains several acetates, including incensole acetate which relieves depression and anxiety
Has a calming effect in labour.

Natural skincare ingredient rose oil 

Rose oil

Several types of rose provide their precious petals for the production of this very expensive and beautiful essential oil. By tradition, the following may be found: The ‘French’ rose comes from the Caucasus, the ‘Cabbage’ rose is a native of Persia, and the ‘Damask’ rose originates in Syria. The main supplier of rose oil is Bulgaria.

Apart from a lovely smell, this oil is famous for lightening the senses and providing stress relief. It benefits the skin as it nourishes and moisturises dry skin and restores elasticity and tone. The appearance of wrinkles can be reduced, and it is good for all skin types. As an antiseptic and astringent with anti-inflammatory properties, application can relieve redness and swelling in dry and mature as well as sensitive skin. It is soothing and rich.

Contains antioxidants

Great for mature skin.

Inci: Rosa damascena

Natural skincare ingredient sunflower seed oil 

Sunflower seed oil

This well-known flower grows in many countries world-wide, but the largest crops come from the Ukraine, Russia and Argentina. It has found its way into our kitchens for having health benefits as well as good keeping qualities. Only the black seeds are used for making oil.

The gentle effect and its suitability as an emollient make this oil an ideal skin agent. Being non-greasy, it is readily absorbed. The moisturising ingredients improve skin hydration by smoothing and reducing wrinkles and scarring. Redness and roughness are reduced in all skin types, while application can also heal small injuries.

Rich in fatty acids – palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic acids as well as sterols, squalene, lecithin, tocopherols, carotenoids

Good for acne

Inci: Helianthus annuus

Apply a small amount of moisturiser to cleansed face and neck using fingertips. As with any new skincare product, we recommend you do an overnight skin patch test prior to use.


Defy your age naturally with this luxuriously silky moisturiser to regenerate, firm and nourish your skin.

8 reviews for Rose & Frankincense Anti-Aging Moisturiser

  1. Julia Murray

    Beautiful creamy texture which melts into the skin. Subtle but lovely smell too. Love it!

  2. Karen Griggs

    Hubby treated me for Christmas. Natural ingredients and they smell wonderful, like having a spa facial at home! Lovely products and so reasonably priced. Have already placed a second order to make sure I have some in stock. Customer service is excellent too. Karen

  3. Eve Ange

    The cream is to complement the oil serum I already use. I only used it twice but, so far, my skin seemed to like it. Actually, I can’t recomend enough the oil serum as well. Although seller dispatched the package very quickly, delivery was slow to France.

  4. Ruth Smith

    Absolutely beautiful product, it smells divine, really light, especially round my eyes. It hydrated my skin without leaving it greasy. Just beautiful from the moment it arrived in the post to finishing the jar I have been really impressed xx

    Ruth Smith

  5. Amy Christina Manning

    I’ve tried loads of face creams in the past, natural and unnatural and truthfully nothing has made me skin feel so good as this. It generally feels either too greasy or like a camels knee (pardon the expression!) My skin often also feels really tight when I smile but this product has done wonders…must try for anyone who has any kind of skin complaint! X
    Amy Christina Manning

  6. Harriet Catchpole

    I bought two moisturisers – the Rose & Frankincense anti-aging moisturiser and the Green Tea & Avocado Radiance night cream and they are absolutely beautiful. They smell gorgeous and make my skin feel really soft and moisturise all day. I like the fact they are all natural – I don’t trust high street products even though they advertise as ‘natural’. Will definitely be buying again – I highly recommend!

  7. Slavka Wren

    I have combination skin – mostly very oily with patches of dry skin on forehead and under my eyes. It was wonderful to find a cream that works with both skin types as I usually struggled to find a cream that will leave dry patches feeling moisturized while leaving the oily parts shine free. This works perfectly for my skin type – I highly recommend any product from this wonderful skin range.

    Slavka Wren

  8. Barbara

    Lovely cream, nice consistency, absorbs quickly and has a beautiful scent of rose and frankincense. Will buy again

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