Treatment for severe baby eczemaThe Shaloah skincare brand was born from a mother’s desperate attempt to find a solution for her baby Leon who developed severe eczema at just 3 months old. The whole of his face and body was covered in eczema with just the palms of his hands and soles of his feet eczema free! He developed thick scabs on the side of his face which would often crack and weep, he would scratch himself until he bled and would wake every hour at night with excrutiating itching. He slept on his mother for months so she could ensure he didn’t lay on his weeping sores and could hold his hands down and rock him back to sleep each time he woke.

His mother barely slept for months and would have to go to bed at 6 oclock every night and sit in a dark room, rocking her itchy child until he would eventually fall asleep. This is where the hours/days/weeks/months of research began just with a small light from her ipad.

It seemed nothing would moisturise his dry itchy skin. Not satisfied with the huge tub of paraffin prescribed by the doctor (which did absolutely nothing for Leon’s skin other than dry it out even more) Leon’s mother decided to go the alternative route and began discovering the healing power of plants, herbs and flowers.

Full of optimism and hope and equipped with a saucepan and a handful of simple ingredients she began cooking up concoctions in her kitchen. She experimented producing balms and creams and found the cream to be far more effective at retaining moisture in the skin but just had one problem – without a preservative the cream would quickly harbor bacteria and have to be discarded. After discovering how toxic preservatives can be, using a chemical preservative in her products was not an option.

Whilst on the hunt for effective natural preservatives she came across clothing for eczema sufferers which have silver fibers in them which claimed to relieve the itch, kill bacteria and help heal the skin. She researched further into the use of silver throughout history and found it to be a natural preservative, natural antibiotic and is even used today in dressings in burns units to help heal the skin.

The colloidal silver would serve multi purpose in the cream. It would act as a natural preservative whilst killing and preventing the spread of bacteria on weeping sores, as well as contribute to healing the skin!

Healed eczema skinAfter many attempts and hundreds of experiments she developed and perfected a natural eczema cream that not only moisturised, but helped to heal his skin and relieve the itch. Amazed by the progression of Leon’s skin she went on to develop variations for herself and soon family and friends became interested and before long a new natural skincare range was born.

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